The COVID-19 pandemic is changing how we celebrate the holidays this year, however spirit of the season remains! Give gifts and spread joy using our gift-giving guide to help pick the best presents for kids of all ages!

Look for Gifts that Help…


Select a gift that allows children or teens to use their creativity, explore new ideas, and work with their hands and imagination. Consider their age and developmental stage. Maybe pick a project that you can do together!


Social distancing has made it challenging for children and teens to stay connected. Help them keep in touch with friends and family with a gift that encourages togetherness, in-person or from a distance.


Being a kid isn’t always easy! Consider a gift that promotes self-care or can soothe emotions in children and teens. From a soft blanket to a tool for self-reflection, there are plenty of ways to give the gift of comfort this holiday season.


Choosing a gift that captures a child or teen’s interests is certain to bring a smile to their face! Are they musical? Sporty? Outdoorsy? A bookworm? Pick a gift that reinforces that interest or gives them a new hobby to master.

Gift Ideas

Infants and Toddlers

gift-2020-snow1-9930975Create: Build a tower with building blocks, or make some fridge-worthy masterpieces with a finger-paint set.

Connect: Act out a story with puppets, or start a nightly routine reading board books to children.

Comfort: Give a child a new favorite stuffed animal to cuddle, or brighten their nights with a fun night light.

Cheer: Play a child’s favorite song through a plush toy music player, or get them giggling with a bouncy ball.

School Age and Tweens

gift-2020-peng2-8023374Create: Give the gift of music with a fun musical instrument, or bring out their inner-engineer with a toy construction set.

Connect: Exercise your brains with a puzzle book, or hold a tournament with an outdoor game set.

Comfort: Make bath-time more fun with bath bombs, or snuggle up in some cozy matching pajamas.

Cheer: Spark some STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) magic with an interactive robotic toy, or make something exciting with an art or science kit.


gift-2020-snow2-2542941Create: Encourage a cool new hobby with a craft kit subscription box, or inspire digital artwork with a tablet drawing pen.

Connect: A video game console is a great way to play with friends (even from a distance!), or keep the game going past dark with a light-up sports ball.

Comfort: Create a calming atmosphere with scented candles or encourage relaxation with a yoga mat.

Cheer: Put the power in their hands with a gift card to a favorite store, or give them music on the go with headphones or earbuds.

Young Adults

gift-2020-peng1-7608041Create: Celebrate their sense of self with a journal, or sign them up for a craft class.

Connect: Remind them of home with a digital photo frame, or share your favorite recipes with a cookbook.

Comfort: Give the gift of inner peace with a meditation app subscription, or offer a hug 24/7 with a weighted blanket.

Cheer: Keep their room or apartment current with smart speakers, or get them moving with a digital workout class subscription.