Gift Guide

Winter Holidays 2021

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by Kristelle Lavallee Collins and Jill R. Kavanaugh

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Happy Holidays! As the COVID-19 pandemic slowly subsides, many of us are looking forward to safely celebrating the holiday season! Whether seeing loved ones in-person or through a screen, this guide can help chose thoughtful gifts for the children and teens in your life.


What to look for in a gift

Look for gifts that...


Look for gifts that the child or teen can bring their own imagination to, or that allows them to play within a pre-determined world, or gives them the chance to simply sit back and soak up a story. 


Select gifts that will teach a child or teen something new, or that builds upon their current knowledge. Choose educational gifts that fall within the child’s interests or that you think they will enjoy learning about.


Give gifts that inspire the child or teen to get out of their comfort zone and try new things. These gifts can inspire an adventurous spirit or encourage the child to explore their inner passions.


Gifts by age

Choose gifts based on the child's age and where they are in their development
  • Entertain: A board book with interactive features the child can use, or a hanging mobile that emits light patterns and/or plays music
  • Educate: Colorful stacking cups or shape puzzles
  • Explore: An activity play mat, or a baby-safe mirror that clips to a crib or play gate
  • Entertain: A puppet theater or illustrated book
  • Educate: A gaming app that teaches a second language or a board game that requires counting
  • Explore: A Tricycle, or a child-safe magnifying glass
  • Entertain: An e-Reader or subscription to a streaming service with curated content for kids
  • Educate: Membership to a podcast or audiobook platform
  • Explore: A scavenger hunt map with different places or landmarks to discover, or a daily journal
  • Entertain: A video game, or subscription to a music streaming service
  • Educate: A book on one of their favorite subjects, or a strategy card game
  • Explore: Outdoor activity gear, or subscription to a meditation app
  • Entertain: Tickets to see their favorite sports team, show, or band
  • Educate: Cooking, art, or other hobby course (virtual or in-person)
  • Explore: A day pass to a museum, or a craft box subscription