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Research found that letter play was associated with children being more prepared for school in both the U.S. and Mexico! In the U.S., playing with letters was associated with children being less sad, and in Mexico, letter play was associated with children being more respectful and empathetic, and to a lesser extent, less aggressive. Check out the play ideas below on how you can best guide your child’s healthy letter play!

  • Make sure letters are easily available for your child to play with, you can do this by making paper letters, letter flashcards, or having magnetic letters on the refrigerator.
  • Make a game out of choosing a letter and seeing how many things you and your child can see that start with the chosen letter.
  • Encourage your child to play with letter blocks and see how many letters they can identify or words they can make.
  • Make lunch time playtime by making a game out of scooping certain letters from alphabet soup to eat.
  • Have your child choose a favorite board game that involves letter play.
  • Choose a letter while walking or driving and see how many times you can find the letter in the different signs you see.

For more great guidance on letter play, check out these videos:​

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