by CBC Arts | Canadian Broadcasting Corporation | May 12, 2006

“The first TV channel designed for babies debuted in the United States on Thursday, immediately
drawing criticism from pediatricians who say young children shouldn’t be watching TV at all.

Director of CMCH, Dr. Michael Rich
, who studies the impact of the media on children’s health, says it ‘defies reason’ to suggest that television could help parents and babies interact.

‘Television primarily is a medium that demands attention to the TV, not to other people in the room,’ he said in an interview with CBC Television.

Babies’ brains cannot decode the two-dimensional image on a television screen,
Rich said. Their brains are developing and they need a different kind of stimulation to help them grow, he added.

‘They need interaction with other human beings and to manipulate their environment. They need to pick up the block or try to get the Cheerios into their mouths,’ he said.

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