by Tom Dorsey | The Courier-Journal | March 24, 2006

Recently, the Federal Communications Commission fined CBS $3.6 million for an episode of “Missing Without a Trace” that included teenagers engaging in sex at a party.

As a direct result of these fines, WB executives recently asked producers of “The Bedford Diaries” to edit out two potentially offensive scenes.

“While indecency has grabbed the spotlight at the FCC and in congressional debate, many parents of young children are just
as concerned about violence on the tube.” The Parents Television Council recently released the results of a study showing 2,800 acts of violence over the course of 444
hours of children’s television.

“The problem is that children under 8 often don’t understand the difference between real and fantasy violence, according to
Dr. Michael Rich
, Director of CMCH, who was interviewed by the wire service.

I recall a mother telling me about how she had to explain the sudden and tragic death of a classmate to her 6-year-old. When she was through with a carefully thought-out discussion, the child said, ‘But she’ll be back in class tomorrow, right?'”


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