by Kathleen Dunn | National Public Radio - Wisconsin | May 22, 2006

Kathleen Dunn of Wisconcsin Public Radio spoke with Dr. Michael Rich
, Director of CMCH, about children’s internet access and internet safety.

Kathleen Dunn: “Tell me more about this”

Dr. Rich: “The vast majority of teens use it like a yearbook page, from posting poetry they’ve written to posting pictures of their pets and their friends.”

“Children are very sophisticated electronically, in most cases, more sophisticated than their parents. They are reaching
out for someone who understands them, and that’s what the explosive growth of MySpace indicates.”

Below, you can download the audio file of this segment on internet safety. Dr. Rich joins the conversation at minute 26:25 of this segment.

» Download Real Player Audio File

Read the full article at National Public Radio - Wisconsin.


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