by Aaron Barnhart | Kansas City Star | March 3, 2006

“Thirty years after researchers found that Saturday morning cartoons were more violent than prime time TV shows, a study released March 2 argued that little had changed.

The report from the Parents Television Council found that children’s shows were still more violent
than adult shows — even when ‘cartoony’ depictions of violence were factored out.”

Senator Sam Brownback encouraged broadcasters and network producers to consider the content they are disseminating to children,
and encouraged parents to educate themselves about the content of their children’s favorite shows. “Brownback has introduced
a bill that would allocate $90 million over
five years to measure the effect that television and other media have on children.”

“His interest dates 20 years to his days in Kansas politics”, when he met Dr. John Murray
, Visting Researcher at CMCH.
“Today, Murray is on the forefront of scientific efforts to use brain imaging to show the neurological impact of viewing violence.
Murray, who had not seen the report released Thursday, said that violence and its effect on kids occupied most of his colleagues’ attention.
Young children, said Murray, ‘are particularly attuned to what’s going on in the world around them. They are asking, ‘how do I get along in life? How do I behave?'”

» See Statement by CMCH Director

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