by Michele Stockwell | Progressive Policy Institute | May 5, 2006

“Two new scientific reports…show that when
it comes to children’s healthy development, the nature of entertainment media is just as important as the amount of it children consume.

[One] study, conducted by the Center on Media and Child Health…found that children’s viewing of violent television
programming is associated with peer isolation. Researchers found that children who watched violent content spent less
time with friends than children who watched non-violent programs. They also concluded there may be a reverse
correlation whereby lonely children watch more television.

In reality, a cycle is likely taking place,
according to Dr. David Bickham
and Dr. Michael Rich
, the report’s authors. They observe, ‘violent television [is] making children more aggressive and more socially isolated.
These children then in turn are attracted to more violent media, partially to fill their time.'”

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