by Daniel J. DeNoon | WebMD | August 7, 2007

For years now, parents have been buying videos from companies like Baby Einstein and Brainy Baby, aiming to increase
their children’s intelligence. Pediatricians have been wary of these videos,
even recommending that children use no
screen media until they are two years old.

A new study shows evidence that the videos may not provide the intellectual
leaps parents are hoping for. The researchers found that the children who regularly watched baby videos scored
about 10% lower on language skills than those who did not watch the videos.

“Many companies that sell ‘smart-baby’ video products claim or imply that the products will make children smarter — and
that parents who don’t buy the products will miss a crucial window of opportunity to do the right thing. ‘There’s no
scientific evidence behind these claims’, says Dr. David Bickham, Staff Scientist at CMCH. ‘It is really important for parents to realize there isn’t any research showing
a positive effect of smart-baby videos.'”

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