by Peggy O'Crawley | The New Jersey Star-Ledger | May 15, 2006

“A rainbow-hued pony gallops onto the television screen, turning black-and-white images into colorful ducks and donkeys.
Two cute squirrels play ‘Hot and Cold’ as they search for acorns. A sculptor’s hand turns sand into shapes as soothing classical
music plays in the background.

Are these images designed to help babies and toddlers learn colors and abstract concepts, and relax them at bedtime? Or are they interfering with babies’ interactions with real people and places?

Director of CMCH, Dr. Michael Rich
, said he was concerned parents believe the programs boost brain development, one of the main selling points of the Baby Einstein and Brainy Baby videos that are aimed at the same young viewers…

‘The human brain triples in volume in the first two years of life. It develops in the context of the environment it functions in,'” Rich stated.

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