by Lauran Neergaard, The Associated Press | USA Today | May 16, 2006

“They’re bombarded with electronics starting in infancy, from the new Sesame Street for
six-month-olds to game-playing laptops for toddlers. But when does being a multimedia youngster help — and when does it hurt — children’s malleable brains?”

This week, the National Institutes of Health gathered experts together to discuss what research is most needed, and what guidelines should be established for parenting in the media age. Two CMCH scientists were invited to speak on
these issues: Dr. Michael Rich
, Director of CMCH, and Dr. David Bickham
, Staff Scientist.

Dr. Bickham pointed out, “Parents in general don’t view electronic media as bad. In fact, they often ask if their babies will miss out if
they don’t sit them in front of the computer early.”

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