In addition to our own research, we rely on the work of other researchers and organizations to gain an understanding of the effects of digital media and technology on young people. Research briefs are one way that we share the relevant findings of a particular study (or research on a specific topic) with our supporters and the general public.
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Children and AI

Research Brief: August 2023
This literature review examines the existing research on artificial intelligence (AI) in media and human relations. Although it is used in a variety of contexts and applications in various industries, the focus of this literature review will be on AI use cases within entertainment and learning applications accessible through mainstream media formats.
the inspired internet pledge research brief

Inspired Internet Pledge

Research Brief: July 2023
In June, 2023, we launched the Inspired Internet Pledge, a commitment by tech companies and the industry at large to work collaboratively with one common goal: to make the internet a healthier place for young people. At its core, the Pledge aims to connect the dots between mental health and emotional wellbeing to technology and media in actionable ways.
digital citizenship research brief - kids using tablets at school

Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy

Research Brief: June 2023
Digital citizens were once defined as “those who use the internet regularly and effectively – that is, on a daily basis." However, there is much more to digital citizenship than simply using the internet. Since that definition was published, the concept of being online has evolved dramatically.
Sharenting Research Brief - A keyboard with a dedicated sharenting key

“Sharenting” and Child Influencers

Research Brief: March 2023
The rapid rise of social media has made it easier than ever to share pictures with family and friends collectively. Platforms like Facebook and other social media sites and applications could be called “modern-day baby books," as parents engage in “sharenting” by posting content about their children online. Nowadays, many children may even have a digital footprint before birth, as parents share ultrasound photos.