Contact Info
Jill R. Kavanaugh, MLIS, AHIP
Knowledge Program Librarian


Jill R. Kavanaugh, MLIS, AHIP, is the Librarian at the Center on Media and Child Health (CMCH). Jill holds a B.A. in Media, Information, and Technoculture, and a Master of Library and Information Science degree, both obtained from Western University in Ontario, Canada. Prior to joining CMCH, Jill worked for the Government of Canada, as well as Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare in Ontario. Jill joined CMCH in September of 2013, and uses her information specialist skills, along with her love of technology, to further the Center’s research goals and assist all members of the CMCH team.

As the Librarian, Jill works in a unique environment in which she is embedded directly within the Center, supporting the outreach and research activities of CMCH team members, and engaging in original research and co-authoring content. Jill also performs a variety of management tasks related to the Clinic for Interactive Media and Internet Disorders (CIMAID). Jill’s current projects include the piloting of the Clinician Toolkit, as well as an upcoming database that was recently awarded a grant from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine.

Jill has testified in front of the Cambridge City Council, co-authored several published research papers and posters, and her work has been presented at research conferences both in Canada and the United States.