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Libby Hunt, MA
Clinical Research Specialist


Libby Hunt, M.A., is the Clinical Research Specialist at the Digital Wellness Lab. Libby holds a B.A. in English Literature from Wheaton College (MA) and a Master of Arts in Child Study and Human Development from Tufts University. Prior to joining the Digital Wellness Lab, Libby was completing her graduate degree and working as a research assistant for the Children’s Television Project and the DevTech Research Group.

Libby joined the Digital Wellness Lab officially (she was an intern at the Center on Media and Child Health in Fall of 2020) in June of 2021, where she continues to pursue her interest in the nuances of new technologies and how they impact children and adolescents’ social and emotional development. As the Clinical Research Specialist, Libby works directly with Dr. David Bickham to conceptualize, coordinate, and analyze the outcomes of research projects within the Lab and in collaboration with other organizations