Meet Allison Wolfe, our new Lab Coordinator

Welcome Allison Wolfe

We’re excited to welcome Allison Wolfe to the Digital Wellness Lab as our Lab Coordinator. Get to know Allison in her own words:

I am thrilled to be the new Lab Coordinator at the Digital Wellness Lab! 

My professional journey has been focused on public health with an emphasis on advocating and fundraising. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Economics, which has provided me with research experience — knowledge that will come in handy at the Lab. 

Before taking this position, I worked in the Department of Neurology at Boston Children’s Hospital which is made up of multiple clinics. While there, I got to learn about various clinical conditions and their impacts on behavior. However, the biggest lesson I learned in that role was that I love to learn and will always in some capacity be a student. 

As Lab Coordinator, I will be focused on supporting the Lab’s daily operations. I value being part of a collaborative team that is conducting research on technology to educate others on its impacts on youth. I look forward to playing a part in the discoveries the Lab makes that can support the next generations’ decisions and needs in the cyberworld.