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With advocacy organizations warning of dire consequences of screen use and young people living their lives increasingly online, parents may feel concerned, confused, even guilty about their decisions around their children’s use of screens and interactive media. 

If you’re trying to raise healthy, smart, and kind kids in this increasingly digital age, our Digital Wellness Guide provides the research-based information and actionable guidance for children — from birth to young adulthood — you’ve been searching for.

We seek to understand and promote positive and productive online experiences for young people, from birth through young adulthood.

The Digital Wellness Lab studies the positive and negative effects of the digital media that young people use and how they use them. Like nutrition or exercise, staying digitally healthy requires effort, but as with eating well or working out, digital wellness is best achieved by taking a balanced approach. In other words, digital wellness is a positive state of mental, physical, and social-emotional health pursued through intentional, authentic, and balanced engagement with technology and interactive media.

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