Oluwatomilola Idowu

Oluwatomilola Idowu


Graduate Research Intern
Digital Wellness Lab at Boston Children’s Hospital

Tomi is a Graduate Research Intern at the Digital Wellness Lab. She holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science & Mathematics from Babcock University, Nigeria. She is currently an M.A. student in Child Study & Human Development at Tufts University. Her research interest centers on the relationship between digital media and technology use in the development of children.

Prior to joining the Lab, Tomi worked in the media-tech industry where she created, ideated, and implemented digital strategies for Africa’s foremost media company in Nigeria. Her passion for child development was fostered through volunteer work at African Teens City coordinating community service learning activities for teens across 7 African countries and as an instructional leader at Celeb Kids working with children ages 1-8. At Tufts, Tomi works as a research assistant for the Children’s Television Project (CTV), exploring the racial/ethnic representation of children’s TV shows and how it affects the socio-emotional development of children.

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