Meet Nicole Powell, the Lab’s new Clinical Research Specialist

Nicole and a friend in Acadia

I’m Nicole, and I’m thrilled to join the Digital Wellness Lab as a Clinical Research Specialist. With a background in child development and family relations, I’m currently pursuing a dual Master’s degree in Social Work & Public Health at Boston University. My professional journey has been shaped by a deep commitment to social justice and collective action. I am passionate about uplifting the voices of youth and those often marginalized, aiming to ensure their perspectives are not only heard but actively considered at the decision-making table.

My experiences as a Research Fellow at the Yale Child Study Center, focusing on the social-emotional development of children, have instilled in me a holistic lens through which I approach my work. I am intrigued by the intricate relationship between people and technology, and my goal is to leverage this understanding to create a positive and safe digital space. I am keen on exploring how technology can serve as a vehicle to expand access to resources and foster meaningful connections. As a bridge between industry partners and youth, I aim to contribute to a user-centered approach that goes beyond profit-driven motives. I am eager to engage with the Student Advisory Council to gain firsthand insights into the experiences of young people online and explore the impact of technology on human behavior and motivation. I am excited to embark on this collaborative journey with the team to bring about impactful and necessary change.