What Are Video Games Turning Us Into?

by Tracy Mayor | Boston Globe Magazine | February 20, 2005

One of the more worrisome effects of video games is desensitization. Seeing violence repeated over and over can make kids more willing to choose and tolerate violence. “As a society, we can inoculate against aggression, but we don’t have the same set of social checks and balances against desensitization”, […]

Young Ears Can Be Tainted By Rap Music

by Wendi C. Thomas | Greater Memphis Commercial Appeal | February 15, 2005

Most adults who have listened to rap lyrics would probably agree that a heavy diet of sexually explicit and violent rap music is bad for kids. If you don’t agree that these songs are bad for their minds, you may want to know that there are health consequences as well. “What […]

Sex and Violence … And It’s on the Radio

by Today Show | MSNBC | February 3, 2005

CMCH’s Dr. Michael Rich appeared on The Today Show to talk about the research that’s been done on sex and violence in music Click Here for Full Story

Video Game Vortex

by CBS 4 News | courtesy of CBS 4 News | February 3, 2005

Dr. Michael Rich is interviewed about the health effects of video games » See a video of the broadcast with Quicktime