State Should Regulate Content in Video Games, Expert Says

by David Rice | Winston-Salem Journal | April 13, 2005

Dr. Michael Rich, Director of CMCH, “told state senators yesterday that they should regulate violent content in video games because the games desensitize children to violence and lead to aggressive behavior.” » See Full Story

N.C. Senate Panel Discusses Ban on Video Games for Minors

by Gary D. Robertson | Associated Press | April 13, 2005

Dr. Michael Rich, Director of CMCH, provided testimony on media effects, saying that “studies show the blood and gore kids encounter in the games can contribute to real-world violent behavior and poor health.” » See Full Story

Senate to Hear Expert Testify on Violent Games

by Si Cantwell | Wilmington Star | April 11, 2005

CMCH’s Dr. Michael Rich will testify at a North Carolina Senate Commerce Committee hearing on April 12, 2005. Click Here for Full Story

Dr. David Bickham on Media Violence and Bullying

by Dr. David Bickham on the Gary Doyle Show | 570 AM Radio, Ontario | April 5, 2005

Dr. David Bickham spoke about the connection between media violence and bullying. » Listen to the radio broadcast with Quicktime

What About the Bullies?

by Buzz Durkin | Butokukai Newsletter | April 1, 2005

“It may be hard to work up sympathy for children who bully, but bullies themselves are often headed down a troubled path. If you think your child might be mistreating other children, here are some suggestions: Make it clear that aggression isn’t the only option. Find the underlying cause of his behavior. […]