Reel Life

by Matthew Cyr | Dream Magazine | October 20, 2005

Video Intervention/Prevention Assessment (VIA), a project of CMCH that uses video diaries to learn more about the illness experience, makes the cover story of Dream Magazine.
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Messages in the Music

by Denene Millner | Essence Magazine | October 1, 2005

In October’s Essence magazine, Dr. Michael Rich, Director of CMCH, weighs in on what children learn from music lyrics.

“Children look to popular music, movies and TV shows to help them figure out who they should be.”

“Given that many children spend more time with some form of media than they do at school or with parents, they’re more likely to be influenced by the likes of Nelly or Eminem.”

Director of CMCH Wins AAP Award

by American Academy of Pediatrics | AAP News | October 1, 2005

Dr. Michael Rich, Director of CMCH, is the recipient of the Holroyd-Sherry Award, given in recognition of “outstanding contributions in the field of children, adolescents and the media by an AAP member.”

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