Debate Erupts Over Video Game Rating System

by John Reinan | Minneapolis Star Tribune | October 21, 2006

Director of CMCH, Dr. Michael Rich , attended the National Video Game Summit in Minnesota on October 20-21st. Participants of the summit included researchers and representatives of the video game industry, who disagreed about whether the video game ratings system protects children from violent and sexually explicit content. Many researchers object to […]

Pediatricians Criticize Use of TV’s in Hospital

by Barbara Meltz | The Boston Globe | October 16, 2006

Boston Globe parenting columnist Barbara Meltz presents an interesting question: When the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no television for children under the age of 2, should children’s hospitals have televisions widely available to patients in that age group? Director of CMCH, Dr. Michael Rich , offered his thoughts on the debate. […]

Young children targeted by high-fat food ads

by CBS-4 News | CBS-4 News | October 2, 2006

A study published in the October issue of Pediatrics examined food advertising in 50 hours of television aimed at preschoolers. Researchers found that most advertisers focused on creating lifelong brand-loyalty rather than generating immediate sales. Director of CMCH, Dr. Michael Rich , was interviewed about this study on CBS-4 News in […]