Manhunt2 on Wii

by Josh Golin | Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood | June 19, 2007

Next month, the Manhunt2 videogame will be released for Nintendo’s Wii gaming system. This system uses a controller activated by a player’s movement, meaning that in order for an action to happen on-screen, the player must perform that action with the controller.
This brings up concerns about how performing violent actions will affect those playing violent games.

Director of CMCH, Dr. Michael Rich, spoke to the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood, saying “By creating a virtual reality and allowing players to act out, rather than simply witness, fictional narratives in virtual worlds, players experience and learn the game’s skills, whether they be based in strategy, logic, or violence. The content of Manhunt 2 and the unique physical interaction with the Wii control combine to take this simulation a level closer to reality – we can expect that the effects of this experience will be even greater.”

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