Curbing Couch Potato Kids

by Susan Glairon | The Daily Times-Call | July 19, 2007

With kids everywhere spending a lot of time sitting in front of the computer and TV, what’s to be done about these young couch potatoes?

“As a society, this issue has sneaked up on us,’ says Dr. Michael Rich, Director of CMCH.
‘We have thought of television
as that benign box that everyone gathers around to watch ‘Ozzie and Harriet.’ It has evolved
to be pervasive in every aspect of our lives.

‘Let’s bring back boredom,’ Rich says. ‘Boredom is what gave rise
to the theory of relativity when Einstein was in his most boring work. Boredom gives rise to daydreaming that gives
rise to thoughts.’”
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PG-13? You’re Kidding!

by Jackie Burrell | Contra Costa Times | July 7, 2007

In recent years, the PG-13 rating has become the goal for many film studios. Since parents are unlikely to let their children
watch an R rated movie, and kids are unlikely to want to see a PG movie, PG-13 provides a middle ground that’s good for marketing. But is it good for kids?
Overall, a PG-13 movie today contains much more violence than it did in years past.

Director of CMCH, Dr. Michael Rich
, points out that “Whether it’s on video games, movies or television, an immense body of research links repeated
exposure to violent media with ‘elevated fear and anxiety, desensitization to human suffering and increases in aggressive thoughts and behaviors.’”