Virtual Worlds Luring Children

by Hiawatha Bray | The Boston Globe | August 27, 2007

More and more websites are offering social networking opportunities for young children. Much like MySpace and Facebook function for teenagers and college students, these sites allow children to connect with one another and to participate in live chat. “‘It’s difficult to say whether so much online fantasy is beneficial or harmful to […]

The Virtual Generation

by Jo Chandler | The Age | August 14, 2007

Teens everywhere spend much of their lives in a virtual reality enhanced by their access to technology. Their iPods, camera phones, and handheld games go with them wherever they go, and when they return home, they use computer services like instant messaging, MySpace, and LiveJournal to interact with friends. Dr. Michael Rich, Director […]

‘Smart Baby’ DVDs No Help, May Harm

by Daniel J. DeNoon | WebMD | August 7, 2007

For years now, parents have been buying videos from companies like Baby Einstein and Brainy Baby, aiming to increase their children’s intelligence. Pediatricians have been wary of these videos, even recommending that children use no screen media until they are two years old. A new study shows evidence that the […]

Don’t Admit One

by Diane Debrovner | Parents Magazine | August 1, 2007

This Summer’s movie releases include many films that kids are attracted to (Spiderman, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Simpsons Movie to name a few). But do the movies’ ratings match how parents would rate them? A 2002 study found that parents often disagreed with how much violence was appropriate for […]