CMCH Staff Visits Michigan Schools

by Laura Mead | Escanaba Daily Press | April 28, 2008

Dr. David Bickham and Dr. Ron Slaby Staff Scientists at CMCH, visited Escanaba, Michigan, to present the results of “TV Turn-off” — a program done at Escanaba Middle School and Bark River-Harris Junior High to reduce time spent watching TV. The researchers’ goals were to evaluate the program’s success and to hear feedback […]

Is the Internet separating new mothers and babies?

by Seetha Narayan | Boston Globe | April 21, 2008

New mothers find it challenging to balance their new motherhood status with their Internet habit and find themselves using the Internet to access information that otherwise would require them to get out of the house and socialize. There are some concerns about heavy Internet use harming the new mother, […]

CMCH’s Spring Cleaning featured on Newsweek’s TipSheet

by Newsweek | NewsWeek/TipSheet | April 19, 2008

The list of Spring Cleaning resources, from the April issue of the CMCH e-Newsletter, was featured on Newsweek’s TipSheet. The list offers ideas how to go about recycling, donating and selling media and old electronics, offers a variety of ideas and lists of agencies to get you excited about helping to save […]

How Much TV is Too Much for Kids?

by Margaret Shortridge | Fox News Chicago | April 15, 2008

CMCH volunteer Beth Karnes spoke to Fox News in Chicago about how much TV is healthy for kids to watch. Ms. Karnes told them that “media is not inherently bad; it’s how you use it.” She suggests four tips for parents that can help make watching TV less harmful: talk to their […]