Cell Phones: What’s the Right Time?

by Leeanne Stronach | Cape Cod Times | June 22, 2008

With cell phone usage growing rapidly for children and teens,
parents can have an influential role in their children’s decision to purchase and use a cell phone.

CMCH recommends that parents should establish rules
and discuss the appropriate circumstances, places and uses for cell phones.

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An On-Demand World

by Joanna Weiss | Boston Globe | June 15, 2008

In a world of TV-on-demand, parents today struggle to retain some control over what their children watch.

According to Dr. Michael Rich, Director of CMCH,
today’s parents feel an obligation to keep their kids busy or entertained at all times. Dr. Rich notes that on-demand TV can become a trap for families.

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How Do Ads Affect Kids?

by Amy Jordan | Philadelphia Inquirer | June 11, 2008

Did you ever notice the content of commercials aired during children’s shows? More importantly, how does this excessive amounts of commercialism affect children?

A recent study by Dr. Ariel Chernin, Staff Scientist at CMCH, found that kids who understood the persuasive intent of advertising were no less likely to want to buy the junk-food product advertisers showed them in a TV show than kids who did not know the true purpose of ads.

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CMCH Director Advises on Internet Safety

by PA-Comcast | Earthtimes | June 4, 2008

June is National Internet Safety Month and in an effort to bring awareness to this issue, Comcast is launching a web page which brings expert advice on Internet safety to consumers.

One of the resources will be a new Frequently Asked Questions section written by Dr. Michael Rich, Director of CMCH.

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