Strict Regulations on Violent Video Games

by Bloomberg | Bloomberg | July 21, 2008

CMCH Director, Dr. Michael Rich
spoke about the N.Y. State video game bill to enforce strict regulations on violent video games.

Dr. Rich commented that the current rating system falls short of disclosing the actual content of video games. He encourages lawmakers to make use of social science research on the cognitive effects of video games when they revise the rating system.

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Background TV Affects Children’s Play

by Reuters | Reuters | July 15, 2008

New research reveals that background TV can be disruptive for pre-schoolers. The research reveals that
having the television on in the background disrupts their attention and ability to concentrate and may harm their development.

According to
Dr. Marie Evans Schmidt
, Staff Scientist at CMCH, daily exposure to background TV and its cumulative effects could impact children’s cognitive and language development.

Dr. Schmidt recommends that parents should limit their young children’s exposure to background television.

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Lights, Action, Obesity, Advertising?

by Cathleen F. Crowley | TimesUnion | July 12, 2008

The release of Disney’s new animated movie, WALL-E, has highlighted the discussion about the connection between obesity and advertising. The movie portrays humans as fat blobs, making food choices dictated by TV. Could this be a picture of our children’s future?

According to Dr. Michael Rich, Director of CMCH,
the link between obesity and advertising has real implications for children’s health.
Dr Rich adds that watching commercials over time has the potential to change attitudes toward food and to develop behaviors that put children’s at risk for becoming obese.

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