When Too Much Time Online Means Trouble

by Andrea Gordon | The Star | November 7, 2008

Parents worry about how much time their kids are spending online and how that is affecting their mental and physical health.
According to Dr. David Bickham, Staff Scientist at CMCH, parents should be aware how their children’s media habits affect their health and help them developed balanced media habits.

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Is There a Right Age for Media Exposure?

by Stephen Lunn | The Australian | November 6, 2008

How does media exposure effect children? According to Dr. Michael Rich, Director of CMCH, research links children’s overuse and overexposure of media to health issues such as obesity, anxiety, and aggression.

Dr. Rich explains that parents should share developmentally appropriate
activities and games with children under two, rather than having them use
screen media. For older kids, parents should limit screen time to
an hour or two a day. Media can be positive, but parents should make
decisions about how much and what kind of media their children consume.

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Online Seminar Helps Parents Learn About Cyberbullying

by Don Retson | The Edmonton Journal | November 2, 2008

Many parents are unaware of bullying and how it impacts their children’s lives. The online seminar sponsored by the Alberta Centre for Child, Family and Community Research, will bring together experts in cyberbullying and violence in order to bring awareness to this issue
In his research,
Dr. David Bickham, Staff Scientist at CMCH,
has found that children who watched violent TV spent less time with friends than children
exposed to nonviolent programs. Parental awareness and involvement are crucial to off-set these effects

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