CMCH Director’s New Role: “The Mediatrician”

by Andrea Gordon | The Star | June 30, 2009

CMCH Director, Dr. Michael Rich combined his passion for media, health, and kids in a new role: “Ask the Mediatrician”. The driving force behind this new role is to answer parent’s questions about media and health. His goal is to provide parents with science-based answers and practical solutions that can help children […]

CMCH Launches “Ask the Mediatrician”

by | PRWeb | June 11, 2009

From cyberbullying and violent video games to social networking and sexting, parents are overwhelmed by the new media environment and how it affects their children. To help parents navigate this new and changing landscape, CMCH is excited to announce the launch of Ask the Mediatrician. The goal of Ask the Mediatrician is […]

Media-Effects and Children

by Jim Schnabel | Nature | June 10, 2009

Assessing the effects of media on young children’s health and development is far from easy. Research has linked TV to reduced attention however, some major funding agencies are not supporting media-effects research in order to bring awareness to this issue as a major health concern in children’s lives. CMCH Director, Michael Rich, argues that […]

Cell Phone Warning Labels

by Len Ly | NeoTommy | June 1, 2009

Are cell phones safe for children’s health? A petition titled the Children’s Wireless Protection Act is asking Congress to mandate that all cell phone product packaging, infrastructures that carry Wi-Fi signals, and other EMR related product packaging carry warning labels. The petition also requests that Wi-Fi in public schools be replaced with hard-wired Internet access. […]