Cartoon Network Helps Fight Bullying

by Associate Press | Chicago Sun-Times | May 30, 2010

Cartoon Network will launch a new campaign that aims to fight bullying. The campaign is geared toward middle school and it also targets kids who witness bullying, giving them appropriate techniques to intervene.
According to CMCH Senior Scientist, Dr. Ronald Slaby, studies indicate that about 85 percent of bullying incidents are witnessed by bystanders, yet only about one-fifth of the time do the witnesses intervene on behalf of the target. By targeting kids who witness bullying, the campaign will offer these bystanders a range of tactics for confronting the bully or alerting adults.
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TV Exposure and Children’s Health

by Elizabeth Cooney | Boston Globe | May 4, 2010

A new study published in the latest issue of the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine looked at the influence of early childhood television exposure on fourth-grade academic, psychosocial, and lifestyle characteristics. The study found that TV watching at early age impacts children’s academic and health outcomes.
CMCH Director Dr. Michael Rich talks about the relevance on the findings and adds that TV watching may be just one of the factors in children’s academic success. Parents who let their kids watch too much TV may read and interact less with their children, and these activities are crucial for children’s healthy development.
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