Texting All Night and Sleepy Teens

by Beth Teitell | Boston Globe | March 27, 2011

Many teens sleep with their cell phones under their pillows, afraid that they will miss any text messages from friends. This constant checking  impacts their sleeping habits.

CMCH Director, Dr. Michael Rich is starting to see patients “who come in exhausted by being “on call’’ or semi-alert all night as they wait
for their phones to vibrate or ring with a text.”

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Cartoon Characters in Cereal Boxes Influence Kids’ Choices

by WCVB | WCVB-TV5 | March 8, 2011

A new study published in the latest issue of  the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine showed that children who saw a popular media character on the cereal box liked the cereal more than those who viewed a box with no character on it. 

CMCH staff scientist, Dr. David Bickham, argues that  this happens because children form a relationship with that media caracter and “kids that are young have less of a cognitive ability to differentiate between fantasy and reality, and so the meaning of these characters are much more important.”

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