Q2 2024 Roundup

Q2 2024 Round Up - A group photo of Digital Wellness Lab folks

The second quarter of the year found all of us here at the Digital Wellness Lab hard at work releasing new research, and convening stakeholders, including teens — all in an effort to promote positive and healthy digital media experiences.

The Lab’s Q2 Highlights

  • Released our latest Pulse Survey, Digital Gaming and Social Interaction, querying a nationwide sample of over 1,400 adolescents (ages 13-17) about the different scenarios and contexts involved in their social video game play.
  • Watched with pride as members of our 2023-2024 Student Advisory Council led two panel discussions for tech and media industry leaders about identity and representation online, image and video based social media, digital literacy and citizenship, online relationships and connections, and AI in schools.
  • Expanded the Inspired Internet Pledge to 14 Signatories and 15 Advisors. 
  • Traveled to Geneva for the United Nations’ AI for Good Summit, a global gathering to discuss AI and the next generation, where we shared about the Inspired Internet Pledge and made connections for future research. 
  • Presented at the Sync Digital Wellbeing Summit in Saudi Arabia, where the Lab’s work featured prominently in the discussions about how to exist in a positive, healthy relationship with technology every day.
  • Co-led a panel at the inaugural Digital Parenthood Summit on “Building a Better Internet” during which we surmised what the digital ecosystem would be like if investors, designers, policymakers prioritized the voices and futures of their young users.
  • Promoted Zhiying (Zoey) Yue, PhD and Michael Carter, PhD to Lab Scientists.
  • Joined Inspired Internet Pledge signatories and advisors in Washington D.C. for a thought leadership event hosted by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop and Pinterest. The event brought together experts to address a critical question: How can we ensure healthy outcomes for kids in our increasingly digital world?
  • Participated in a live Reddit #AMA with the Associated Press to provide practical guidance on raising teens in a digitally-saturated world.
  • Featured in a short documentary, The Teen Brain, by Emmy-nominated director, Tiffany Shlain, in partnership with Goldie Hawn and MindUP.

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