How Media Violence Touches Children

by Misia Landau | Focus | October 26, 2001

“The televised images of hijacked planes making their deadly arcs on Sept. 11 gave parents a special worry: how would their children react to the sight of the planes plowing, over and over, into the twin towers? Some may have breathed a sigh of relief to hear recent reports that many kids were […]

Pediatrician Testifies on Impact of Sexuality in Media

by American Academy of Pediatrics | AAP News | October 1, 2001

Dr. Michael Rich, Director of CMCH, represented the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Public Education at a Senate forum on July 26, 2001, where he testified on how sexually explicit media impact young people. “’Young people tell me that the media is one of their leading sources of information about sex,’ said […]