Mom vs. the Machines

by Amy Alexander | The Washington Post | September 17, 2006

Many people feel ambivalent about the technology their kids use today. While an understanding of the technology is essential for success, some technology may bring unintended effects.

Writer Amy Alexander talks to Dr. Michael Rich
, Director of CMCH, about the current technological atmosphere:

“‘This is the huge dilemma we’ve carved out for ourselves. We need to be able to use this technology thoughtfully, rather than just using it because it’s there,’ Rich said. ‘Use it actively, get out of it what is most useful to us, then turn them off.’”

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CAMRA Passes by Unanimous Consent!

by Brian Hart, John Rankin | Standard Newswire | September 14, 2006

In May 2004, Senators Evan Bayh (D-IN), Hillary Clinton (D-NY), Richard Durbin (D-IL), Mike Enzi (R-WY) and Rick Santorum (R-PA) introduced the Children and Media Research Advancement Act (CAMRA), which
authorizes federal funds for the study of the effects of electronic media on children’s development.

When this bill was first introduced, it was endorsed by many organizations including CMCH, the Children’s Digital Media Center, Children Now, the American Psychological Association, and Common Sense Media.

On September 14, 2006 the bill passed by unanimous consent in the Senate.

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CMCH Director and Staff to Present in Marblehead, MA

by Jennifer Miller-Morse | Marblehead Reporter | September 7, 2006

On February 7, 2007, Dr. Michael Rich, Director of CMCH, will speak to faculty and parents in Marblehead, MA and surrounding areas about raising kids in a media-saturated world in a talked titled
“Keeping Teens Healthy and Safe in the Information Age.”

During the two days surrounding Dr. Rich’s talk, Dr. David Bickham and Brandy King will present workshops about body image and the media to students in local schools.

These talks are organized and sponsored by a group called TeamUp! Marblehead, aimed toward addressing current teen issues with all 3 levels of the community at once:
parents, faculty, and the students themselves. This year’s slate of programs includes 7 speakers on such topics as substance use, youth sports, media use, and social cruelty.

Is TV Socially Isolating?

by Children's Hospital Boston | Dream | September 1, 2006

A study
conducted by Dr. David Bickham, Staff Scientist at CMCH, and
Dr. Michael Rich, Director of CMCH, tried to determine
the relationship between television viewing and social interaction in young children.

The study results revealed that for children ages 6-12-years-old more time spent watching violent television
was related to less time engaged in other activities with friends. In addition,
more time spent coviewing television with friends was related to more time engaged in other activities with friends.

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