Celebrity Scandal: A Teachable Moment?

by John Keller | WBZ-TV News | February 19, 2007

With the news of football star Tom Brady’s ex-girlfriend pregnant with his child and Britney Spears’ fall from grace occuring in the public eye, it is clear that celebrities are human after all. Director of CMCH, Dr. Michael Rich , suggests using these stories as “teachable moments” with your children to discuss […]

Text Education

by Elizabeth Landaue | The Trenton Times | February 13, 2007

Between text messaging on their cell phones and instant messagining on computers, teens today are using shorthand and electronics to communicate. Some experts worry that they don’t know proper grammar or spelling and that they don’t know how to communicate in face-to-face situations. Director of CMCH, Dr. Michael Rich , said he sees […]

Virtual Worlds for Kids

by Stephanie Dunnewind | Seattle Times | February 10, 2007

“A growing number of Web sites cater to kids as young as 8 with three-dimensional virtual worlds where visitors create avatars (digital characters), furnish their own ‘rooms,’ play games and interact in real-time.” But some experts question the benefits on online environments such as these. Director of CMCH, Dr. Michael Rich, worries […]

4 in 10 Kids Encounter Internet Pornography

by Randy Dotinga | Forbes | February 5, 2007

A new study in Pediatrics found that over 40% of kids unintentionally come across pornography when they are online. Dr. David Bickham , Staff Scientist at CMCH, suggests considering filtering software. “While exposure to pornography online is beginning to be a normative experience, installing filtering software on your computer will help […]