Kids: To TV or Not TV

by Anna Kuchment and Christina Gillham | Newsweek | February 11, 2008

Despite research and expert warnings about the amount of TV children should be exposed to, 90 percent of 2 year olds regularly watch TV,
DVDs and videos. Experts have now turned their attention to helping parents make good choices about what and how to watch.

“I don’t think TV screens for any age should be dealt with as something toxic,” says Dr. Michael Rich, Director of CMCH.

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Kids Physically Involved In Wii’s Virtual Violence

by David Wade | WBZ News Boston | February 8, 2008

Parents have long been concerned about whether playing violent video games affects behavior, and now there’s a new kind of game that takes the violence one step farther.

Instead of pushing buttons to have characters act out violence, the Nintendo Wii requires players to act out the violence themselves,
using a controller that can sense action.

“You are learning the muscle memory necessary to do those acts, to stab someone, to chop someone, to shoot someone,” said Dr. Michael Rich, Director of CMCH.”It’s
one step closer to a virtual reality in which you are actually doing these things to people.”

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