Active teens are happy teens, study says

by Counsel & Heal | Counsel & Heal | July 23, 2012

In a press release for a new study released in the journal Pediatrics, reporters quoted CMCH Director Michael Rich, MD, who said that it made sense that children were happier when they were being active and playing outside. The study surveyed more than 2,000 children in order to determine what their leisure activities were, and the researchers found that kids who participated in sports and physical activity had better health and social well-being.
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When apps make you lazy

by Jessica E. Vascellaro | The Wall Street Journal | July 18, 2012

There are smartphone apps for everything these days, from ordering takeout to finding the nearest car wash to hiring someone to bake you cupcakes. In a report on these apps and a profile on a new app that focuses on “skilled services,” or hiring performers or workers for specific tasks, reporter Jessica E. Vascellaro spoke with CMCH Director Michael Rich, MD, about whether or not these apps contribute to laziness.
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